Our Company

Mission Statement


Agrofood's mission is to produce and market a high quality and safe food product. We are committed to sustainable agriculture which is productive, competitive and efficient while protecting our natural environmental and improving the livelihoods of the local community. Building on our strong reputation, we strive to nurture our business and our people to ensure long-term success.


Agrofood's Philosophy


Agrofood started off as a three-way partnership in 1992, the company was driven by the initial yearn to develop an organic community within Egypt. Since the early beginning Agrofood has been a believer that consumers will always select what is safe and healthiest when it comes to choosing what they eat. This philosophy has encouraged Agrofood to work towards this lifestyle and work in the Organic production bringing the very best for their consumers, making Agrofood one of the pioneer companies in Egypt to apply the organic system.

Agrofood Group now is a privately owned company, with approximately 100 permanent employees and 500 seasonal workers. We are one of the first in Egypt to specialize in the organic and conventional agro-production, grading, packing and exporting field since 1993. Our initial turn-over was less than 1000 M/T per year; we are now ableto achieve more than 30000 M/T products with a total cultivating area of 3000 hectares of virgin new reclaimed land. We own five packinghouses for root crops, fresh vegetables and citrus.