Our Qualifications and Certificates

Our Qualifications and Certificates



Agrofood was first accredited towards the organic standard in 1994 and was certified by the Egyptian Center of Organic Agriculture (ECOA).As the market and supply chain developed, Agrofood found that in order to achieve their goal of supplying their consumers with the best and healthiest produce the company had to concentrate on their quality. Quality management systems were introduced to ensure excellence as well as allowing them to compete in this highly growing market.


In the year 2004 Agrofood was accredited EUREP GAP, this certificate soon became GLOBAL GAP. As the quality measures developed, clients & super markets started to issue their own standards, at this point Agrofood was already on the universal quality management plan upgrading their quality management system.


 Agrofood was also certifiedby Tesco Nurture (TN) in 2006 followed by the accreditation of M&S on 2007 and by the end of 2007 Agrofood was accredited BRC, all of which ensured Agrofood’s finest produce as well as allowing it to compete amongst the fastest growing firms in that sector.


Since the very start of Agrofood’s story, human resources has always played a crucial role in the production operations, Agrofood was inspected according to SA8000 standard in 2002. Due to the increase in awareness of global markets and social affairs, Agrofood was registered on the Sedex website 2006. 


In 2007, Agrofood was inspected according to ETI standard, and in 2009, Agrofood received accreditation by the OHSAS18001.


To further achieve our objective in guaranteeing the delivery of the safest and healthiest goods, Agrofood recognized that ensuring top quality was not the only step to take. The company believed that they had an obligation towards the environmental and wildlife conservation, this encouraged them to seek protection of the habitat they worked in and on 2010 Agrofood achieved the LEAF certification